Medical Studies

I think it is important to learn as much about this condition as you can, knowledge can be very empowering in the fight against this debilitating disease. In my own quest for a greater understanding of what I can personally do for myself, I have collated a large depository of useful and well researched links. Please enjoy.

Women with endometriosis improved their peripheral antioxidant markers after the application of a high antioxidant diet

Endometriosis, dysmenorrhea and diet—What is the evidence?

Selected food intake and risk of endometriosis

Dairy-Food, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D Intake and Endometriosis: A Prospective Cohort Study

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Diet and risk of endometriosis in a population-based case–control study

Gluten-free diet: a new strategy for management of painful endometriosis related symptoms?

Diet and endometriosis risk: A literature review

Vitamin D reserve is higher in women with endometriosis

Effect of Soy Isoflavones on Endometriosis: Interaction With Estrogen Receptor 2 Gene Polymorphism

Endometriosis, dysmenorrhoea and diet

Diet during adolescence is a trigger for subsequent development of dysmenorrhea in young women

Dietary fish oil supplementation inhibits formation of endometriosis-associated adhesions in a chimeric mouse model 

Relation of endometriosis and neuromuscular disease of the gastrointestinal tract: new insights

Hypothetical link between endometriosis and xenobiotics-associated genetically modified food]. 

A prospective cohort study of Vitamins B, C, E, and multivitamin intake and endometriosis

Evaluation of the Relationship between Endometriosis and Omega-3 and Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Coffee and caffeine intake and risk of endometriosis: a meta-analysis

Dietary intolerance and endometriosis: an immunological link in the pathogenesis of an enigmatic disease?

Celiac disease and endometriosis: an insidious and worrisome association hard to diagnose: a case report 

Association of western diet & lifestyle with decreased fertility

Gastro-intestinal symptoms in women with pelvic endometriosis 

Prevention of Endometriosis

Coping strategies employed by women with endometriosis in a public health-care setting