The Endo Diet

The Endometriosis Diet

Several medical studies have found a strong connection between endometriosis and the consumption of certain food groups. These studies have demonstrated changes in diet can have a dramatic impact on your ability to control and manage your endometriosis out breaks.  As a sufferer myself I have found by following the endometriosis diet, recommended food groups, I have been able to significantly reduced the severity of my symptoms.

The Endometriosis Diet (TED) App, currently provides over 60 recipes, its updated regularly with new and exciting menu items.

If you too suffer the debilitating and crippling symptoms of endometriosis, then changing your diet maybe the very simple step you need to take to experience relief and hope, hope that you may enjoy a pain free life. Its as easy as accessing our app and start cooking.


How the App Works

Endometriosis Diet
Endometriosis Diet



Notes about The Endometriosis App

When you first load the app images will take a few minutes to load, this is only because the app is initializing once it has been loaded the images will from here on far more quickly.

Whilst not stated all recipes use organic meat and vegetables. Only cold press oils are used, and when a recipe calls for honey we use raw Manuka honey. Whilst not stated all nuts, seeds and legumes are activated before use, this is a personal choice.

Recipes are generally for four people.



The information on the app and this website should never take the place of medical advice provided by suitably qualified medical professionals. Seek medical advice if in doubt.