Ginger Soy Salmon Fillets
Apple Slaw with Tahini Dressing & Orange

The Endometrosis Diet

Several medial studies have proven a definitive link between the management of endometriosis and diet. Find out why you need to:

Increase fibre consumption

Reduce / Eliminate sugar

Increase Consumption of cruciferous vegetables

Decrease alcohol consumption

Decrease saturated fats and increase consumption of omega 3 fatty acids

‘Changing your diet should be part of a holistic approach in the battle against endometriosis’

The Worlds First – Endometriosis Diet App –  Is here!


Changing your diet can have a dramatic impact on your ability to control and manage your endometriosis out breaks.  TED (The Endometriosis Diet) app has many recipes specifically designed to incorporate food groups that can help you to better manage symptoms and keep your endometriosis under control.  Together with the guidance of Naturopath, Martin Williams (ND, Medical Herbalist and Homeopath) and my background in catering and hospitality, I have come up with recipes that incorporate these food groups in the world’s first Endometriosis Diet App.Several studies have found a strong connection between endometriosis and certain food groups, our recipes focus and incorporate these particular food groups. This is your opportunity to take control of your endometriosis. Changing your diet is very empowering, its something you can do today as a part of a holistic approach and best of all its something you can do for yourself.

New recipes are regularly added, download your copy today and take control of your endometriosis.


How dietary changes can reduce the impact of endometriosis


There are many medical based studies undertaken by reputable and leading medical researchers and doctors who have established and demonstrated there is a clear link between diet and the severity of endometriosis symptoms.  We have complied a series of links to these studies, I encourage you to take the time to wade through the evidence. Your diet can help to change the balance of hormones that stimulate the growth of endometrial cells and pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. Women with endometriosis who have good diet management may be able to control symptoms and live comfortably with the disorder.

Making the necessary changes to your diet is extremely empowering, but I do wish to stress, it is not a cure. Some of the health improvements experienced  by endometriosis sufferers who have followed an the endometriosis diet include;


Benefits of the Endometriosis Diet

Reduction of intestinal problems and Irritable Bowel symptomsReduction of inflammation in the abdominal cavity
Reduction of pain during menstruationImproved fertility and pregnancy success
Improvement with constipationImproved energy levels
Reduction of problems relating to candidaImproved improved skin
Reduction of bloating and better digestionReduction in serve endometriosis pain

Having said this it is important to acknowledge, understand and clarify, changing your diet will certainly help you too manage outbreaks of endometriosis and their severity, however it will not cure your endometriosis.